Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Behind The Music...

Since posting the demo of 'Golden Touch' yesterday, a lot of people have been asking about the song's playful use of the trumpet instrument.

'Is that a human or a robot? On the trumpets?'

Well, let's take a look at the evidence...

As you can see, this beefcake is most certainly no cold hearted robot.

It's A. B. Moore, local trumpist, seen here putting the finishing touches to 'Golden Touch'.

As with most trumpists, A. B. Moore insists on recording his parts in the nude, and he likes nothing better at the end of a long hard session than opening up his spit valve and collecting his precious juices in a petrie dish to send off to the lab for analysis.

I wonder what the results will be this time?

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  1. this is the greatest use of the blog medium i have yet encountered. A+, would read again.