Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An American Tail: Fieval Goes South By South West

"I'm going to make you douchebags the Supergrass of the 20th Century," shouted Spielberg. He pulled his trademark baseball cap down tight over his head in a vain attempt to protect his trademark beard from the harsh Austin sun, before outlining his audacious plan to film a biopic of the much loved indie-rockers, starring Harry and Oli as Gaz Coombes, Cassie and Joseph as his brother Rob, and myself and Richie as "the other one... the long one with the little face." "It sounds intriguing," said Oli, "but will it be in 3D?"

America! We'd really made it. There are over a million people in America, and for a brief period in March 2011 we were six of them...

Our guitars fell to pieces on the plane.

Against all the odds we managed to fix them.

While we waited to soundcheck...

...we placed our equipment by a white door.

This venue had no roof. We wore sunglasses onstage. The sun was shining.

Two boys, one mic.

The crowd rises as one to acknowledge our awsomeness.

DTB was there.

There was lots to see and do.

Even the Hot Dog King was there.

Cassie's drinking spiralled out of control.

Terrifying... just terrifying.

Contains no milk.

This time our guitars fell apart even before we had left the hotel.

And that was Austin, TX. New York City was our next destination, but that's another story...


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